The Author

A bit like the character in her novel Finch, Julie shows up in different places in different guises. Wearing slippers as she works, she writes novels, short stories, verses and lyrics, because if she doesn’t, her head fills up with the noise of them.

In the world of business she turns up as an executive coach, mentor and speaker, wearing high heels and an appropriately serious expression. Julie has three books published on coaching and mentoring, and those have been translated into many languages.

Wellingtons are also favorite footwear of choice, to walk across muddy Cotswold fields and lanes, musing and pondering generally about stuff.

During winter months, you might bump into to her wearing sandals, wandering around sacred sites in India, as part of an on-going quest towards enlightenment (or peace and quiet—either would be brilliant).

She has a husband, step son and two dogs—all of which have proved un-trainable.

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