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Magic to Memphis follows 17 year old Jessie and her dog Bear as they navigate through life. Jessie runs away from home on a search to find her dad and jump start her music career. She lives in a run down trailer. But there is a music contest coming up in Memphis that can change her life. Her mom sends her a box of her dad things. Jessie realizes she’s following in her dad footsteps as he has taken the same journey to music stardom. In the box is a ring that a ruthless killer is after. Jessie must now navigate through life while staying alive.

I admired Jesse strength. To only be 17, she is a strong girl. I love reading stories about people following their dreams. Even after a series of terrible events, she still kept going. I loved reading and watching her growth. There are so many message delivered in this story. This book forces you to take a deeper look at yourself. Reading this will inspire you to look at yourself and start your own self-discovery journey. I loved this book. I was a little hesitant  because of the magic element but the author did a good job of incorporating it. Its a longer read, so take your time but read it. It’s great for those.

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