The everything in nothing

Truth surfaces like a bubble from a pool. In the stillness and silence that prevail, Hope and Joy rise together, like the ancient friends that they are. Across a lake of forever, all waited and none moved.
By midnight, Truth stood like a sentinel, watching over the lake, and waited for Expectancy to arrive. When at last it did, the pair joined in a union of great possibility.

“Speaking truth gives access to the greatest freedom of all,” said Truth.
“And expectancy borne from trust unfolds the creative force into realization,” said Expectancy, and his words swirled like snowflakes in the air.
Creativity arrived soon after, fizzing with the potency that she is, and soon fireworks cascaded like waterfalls over the inky black sky, in proud contest with the galaxy of stars behind. Creativity regarded the scene and sighed, in gentle knowing of all.
Suddenly, the night sky was ablaze with light, as lines of fuchsia sashayed with vibrant lime, then waltzed with waves of azure and purple. The black velvet backdrop became a shimmering canvas for a shifting, living expression of the universe, as the kaleidoscope ran amok in the heavens.
Still Truth, Creativity and Expectancy simply smiled.
“Always wonderful to get started,” nodded Truth.


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