The Confused Crow

Did you ever walk among trees filled with noisy crows calling and crying out? You did? Great! (here’s an explanation for that).

A crow’s life is a living protest; their claim that nothing is fair makes crows caw and shriek in birdy outrage. Sited high in trees, (above your reproach) these neglected infants, cry out in frustration and despair. They DEMAND world order, insisting that everyone is made to go back to the beginning, so that the rules can be reinstated. Of course no one grasps their message (crow calling is a language understood only by crows themselves).
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The everything in nothing

Truth surfaces like a bubble from a pool. In the stillness and silence that prevail, Hope and Joy rise together, like the ancient friends that they are. Across a lake of forever, all waited and none moved.
By midnight, Truth stood like a sentinel, watching over the lake, and waited for Expectancy to arrive. When at last it did, the pair joined in a union of great possibility. [Read more…]

A different story – a similar ending

Here’s a prologue from an earlier/much-changed version of the story; one day we may publish this version, until now, here’s a taster of what might have been [warning – not quite the Kabos we know and don’t like!]

The High Priest Kabos flattened the tall grass around him into a circle and dropped the leather knapsack down by his side. He took off his sandals and under his feet the dusty dryness felt coarse. Across the desert, the tangerine sun dropped behind the horizon as behind him, the pharaoh’s encampment faded in the gloom. The only sound from the tents was the yapping of a young dog. The animal knew it was alone and sensed death laid in its heavy silence over the camp. [Read more…]

A shocking start – how would you finish this one?

Shaken, an incomplete short story…

The grass was crisp with frost against Laura’s cheek as she blinked her eyes open and tried to focus. Against the slope of the embankment, her body felt heavy and numb. Ahead of her, the dissused railway tracks stretched into the mouth of the tunnel like a pathway to hell. Lifting her head sent shards of pain up her neck so she closed her eyes again and tried to still the panic back down. She took a breath, pushed herself up a little with her free hand and winced as her grazed palm connected with rough, frozen ground. Beside her, Anna’s lifeless eyes seemed to mock her efforts to move. Laura met her sister’s dull gaze with all the contempt she could muster.

“You…stupid…stupid…bitch.” [Read more…]